Tuesday, December 23, 2008

PSP doesn't read disk


My PSP stopped reading the game disk

  1. Hi my son just had the same problem. The reason for this is the laser arm that is stucked. If you open the umd case you can see the reader and how it is in the left position. If you dont have to big fingers you can push it to the right. You must pull a litle but be gentle. After that i works again. I have no clue why the laser arm was stucked.
  2. depending on the circumstances, the psp may, and probably, does have UMD drive damage, to the laser, motor etc. I recommend simply:
    - replacing umd drive
    - contacting a technitian
    - sending it back to sony
    - wallowing in ignorance

How do i fix my psp


well i got my psp from my cuz and he turned it off when it was loading and every since then it wont turn on i can charge it and push the power bottom on and the green light will come on for like 30 second then turn off. The screen stays black like it is when it is cut off. what do i need to do to fix it...

  1. try to reinstall ur firmware again using magic memory stick and pandora battery to unbrick ur psp
  2. i took out my battery and that seemed to work

Power problems


my psp wont turn the light on the psp is orange and when i oush the power button up nothing happens and it doesnt turn on do u know wat is wrong it cant be bricked cause i havent t my psp wont turn the light on the psp is orange and when i oush the power button up nothing happens and it doesnt turn on do u know wat is wrong it cant be bricked cause i havent tryed to update it it just stopped working and that orange light came on and now it wont go on at all or could it be the battery

  1. Open the battery compartment, and remove the battery. Look at the bottom inside corner for a little square sticker with has marks on it. is it dark or light, If it is dark, your PSP has come in contact with moisture. I suspect that your PSP has gotten wet or damp. If the sticker is dark, you need to keep your battery out for about 2 days, and keep the UMD door open and the whole PSP kept in a dry environment. Try it after 2 days of drying to see if it is recovered. Good luck Gohan....

WIFI does not work: internal error 00000001


i have been using my psp wifi for a while now and suddenly when i tried to use the wifi (scanning for access points) it said 'internal error 00000001' i tried to change some settings but it was always the same (unless it said the wlan is not turned on) i really like using the wifi on psp especially when i need to use msn and there is no computer.

  1. I can't believe people still don't know:
    error 0000001 = No access point in range.
    It states it clearly on the PSP web site, and in their forums.
    Or you could read the updated manual !
  2. go to internet browser enter a website you want to go on and then scan for wireless connections and save 1 and just select it to connect to the web. Dont do it through infrastructure mode under internet settings
  3. this is a common problem after updating to 3.7x firmware.

    Just wait until sony updates the firmware again to fix the problem...

    this error will report when there is no access point detected when scanning for new access points.

Psp "R" Button problem


My "R" button on my psp wont work, it's like stuck or something, when im playing a game like ape escape, the r button is to crouch and im always crouching cause of the r button.

  • You will have to open up your PSP to get to the contacts of the R button.
  1. REmove the battery
  2. Remove 4 screws from battery compartment
  3. Remove 1 screw from front edge under the PSP logo.
  4. Remove 2 screws from back on opposite side of battery.
  5. Lift the faceplate from the edge above the LCD slightly.
  6. Lift the front faceplate edge under the Home/Start button.
  7. You need to be very protective of the little screw hole that is under the PSP logo of the Faceplate..
  8. Do not touch the LCD screen if you can help it. If you do use a lint free cloth and windex glas cleaner to remove fingerprints and lint. Same thing for faceplate window.
  9. REmove the R button
  10. lift the rubber pad/frame behind the R button straight up.
  11. Clean the back of the rubber piece with a Q-tip and Rubbing alcohol.
  12. Clean the contact pad that is behind the rubber pad/frame.
  13. Press the rubber/fram piece back into place carefully.
  14. Put your R button back on.
  15. Be sure your LCD sreen and inside of faceplate window are clean.
  16. Refit the faceplate.
  17. Reinstall screws.
  • my psp had fallen of the table, and i had turned the psp on to see if it was okay, i was playing MPO and i found that my R button was pushed in...so i got on here to see for help, and i saw the comment for instructions on how to open the case and clean it out, i was about to do that, but luckly i kept reading, and saw comment number 7...i had done what he said, push the buttom up and down kinda hard, in a pattern, my R buttom worked normally again =D

Can't find AOSS Button in psp


It asks me to press and hold the Aoss Button but I'm not sure were it is.

  1. AOSS (AirStation One-Touch Secure System) is a system by Buffalo Technology which allows a secure wireless connection to be set up with the push of a button. Recent AirStation residential gateways incorporate a button on the unit to let the user initiate this procedure. I think you have to purchase a Buffalo AirStation Router in order to connect your psp. Google "aoss psp". Hope this helped.

PSP connection error: 80410A0B


Hey, i have been using the internet on my psp ever day. Now, today, when i try to connect, a message comes up and says (A connection error has occured(80410A0B) Connection Name --- SSID ---. Also, the wifi light doesnt come on. Help, pleaz, im starting to have withdraw!!!!!

  1. its happened to my psp.
    there is no solution, nothing works, updates dont work,
    down grades dont work, you have to swap your psp for a new with sony, they supply them iven if you dont have warrenty
  2. First of all, psp can browse the internet with its simple browser.
    BUT! What you may not know is that there is a bug where when you try to search or use a wireless lan connection (WLAN) the psp may say something like:

    Internal Error

    To fix this without any memory loss, take out the UMD which is in the psp, and also take out the memory card.
    Next, go to settings, then system settings and click restore settings, the psp may freeze up, but it is not broken, take out the batter pack and put it back in, the settings should be restored and all should work.
    Sony hotlines dont seem to tell you how to fix it, many people often go buy a new or swap their psps, but all you need to do is this!
  3. go to system settings restore default settings it always works for mechek if your proxy server is on if it is on turn it off i had the same problem with mine, to turn it off you go to the web browser, then tools, then settings then proxy server setings and set it on do not use.