Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blocking calls, motorola razr v3


I have an annoying customer that has gotten ahold of my cell phone number and I want to block his call. Is there a way within the cell phone I can block this number?

  1. Yes, sort of: go to Settings->Security->Enter lock code here if you've created one(otherwise ignore this step)->Limit Use->Restrict Incoming CallsFrom this step, you'll have to choose to restrict incoming calls from anyone NOT in your Contacts . You'll still get the voicemails and notifications of who called, but unwanted callers will go right to voicemail and you can call them back whenever you are ready.
  2. Add them to your address book, save them to the phone (NOT the SIM), and set their ring type to "Silent" - they'll still call, but your phone won't ring.Well, it won't ring if it's on normal ring settings. If you have the phone set to vibrate for some reason the ring type seems to be ignored and it will vibrate anyway.
  3. Getting restricted calls is there any way to block or set the phone to recognize the restricted/unwanted calls?
  4. If you go to security on settings you can block incoming or out going calls only, Im pretty sure that you can't block one person calling you.

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