Saturday, November 29, 2008

Forgot the N70 lock code


i have a nokia N70 phone and i have a code to unlock the phone, but few days before my son have changed the lock code by mistake. now nobody knows the code.

  1. Please take ur phone to a technician this is just a 2 minutes job he can either tell you your phone lock code or can reset the code to default 12345 just at the press of 1 button on his PC. Now guys since you do not have the software to do so this is the best solution. Also if you cannot remember codes please keep it to the normal default code or else install a software called "UNLOCK IT" on your phone next time if you think you have forgotten your codes just run this application and your phone codes will be displayed
  2. Hi i've unlock my N70 by an incredible file....
    Search on google THC-NOKIA-UNLOCK.MDL....
  3. master reset ,push. 3 & * & green(call) with same time ,keep push it and also push on off ....untillll text showing formating and then you can see thattttttt

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Vijay said...

Thanx Man, thanx a lot...i owe u dis.