Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hardware Failure: restart camera


Hi Guys, when I slide the cover off the main camara, after a short delay I get the above message. I've tried restoring the original phone settings but it hasn't made any difference. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Many thanks

  1. i have encountered this problem and I went to the Nokia Care near me... They have reflashed the firmware and the girl who fixed it showed me the camera works. Then I was off, but after a few steps I tried the camera and the "hardware failure: restart camera" message popped up again. What she did is to remove the memory card and tried the camera and what do you know? the camera worked! So I reformatted my memory card and everything is well in the world again.
  2. there is problem inside ur phone. better solution u should take it technician, if ur phone is under warrenty then take it to nearest nokia care. ur phone need to be repaired.
  3. Its the camera slide, not the phone. I have one with the same problem. Simply stick a bit of blue tack on the battery by the contacts for the camera, place the cover back on, and the problem goes away. Its dodgy contacts, thats all.

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