Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Need PC Suit and Usb Drivers for Chang Jiang N958...


I am having Chang Jiang N958 mobile which is china make. I am struggling to find Drivers and PC Suit for communication Software with this Phone. To be simple i am looking for software like Nokia PC Suit or other..I have downloaded MT6227 and installed it on my workstation. But it doesn't work at all, it did not recognize my Phone. My Phone :

  1. When you use these must have your phone connected to your pc first of. Then you must add the drivers to your hardware ware from your control panel on your pc by adding the phones as new hardware. When your hardware is discovered, point the wizard into the file where your driver is stored manually. It should work now.These mt6227 phones do not have anyway to load game files and software, they are designed to be flashed to change around the software. Unfortunatley, you get a neat phone with nice functions such as touch screen, high MP cameras, and great multimedia functions, but forfiet other items, such as java based gaming and and software compatibility that won't clutter the system so you can have these fantastic features for a low cost. I have read that gameboy and the game roms for it are about the only thing that can be loaded into these phones without using a flashing device or using linux (wich is supposed to be a new option as opposed to flashing) for these phones.
  2. As given by rhate_hp, we all can go @ and download the PC Suit and driver in one zip file from above direction.
  3. you will gate drivers n instruction on this site workd fine for mine..but not able to download contact from my phone to my pc..

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