Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nokia 6600 Problem


I have a Nokia 6600 and I have a problem starting it up
everytime I switch on all that happens is the Nokia logo
appears and disappears about 4 times then it switches off
I cant even switch it off myself when it is trying to start
Can anyone please help me with this problem :

  1. Try to boot up in safe mode without MMC....

    If it doesn't help u than proceed with three key boot up format trick, u
    will loose all user data but u will get back your phone...

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    Hipe this helps,

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  2. U must have installed some applications which might be not compatable with H.set os.Remove MMC & then try to switch on Ur H.set.If this works take the data back up & remove the third party applications.In future try to install authorized applications .
  3. your phones boot IC is faulty you will need a technician to set it right no way you can do it alone boss
  4. the 3key format trick is pressing the calling key+*+numbr3+the power button... press it until the nokia logo and formatting appear. when its still not working visit your trusted service engineer nearest you
  5. Safe mode on a Nokia S60v3 is to switch it off. Hold down the ABC key and whilst holding down that key turn on the phone.
    Keep ABC depressed until it asks for your pin and you should be good to go.
  6. format ur m.card and cell on u.f.s software
    or format wid 3 kys(calling ,*,3& power on/off)
  7. this is a problem with the corrupt software....go 2 a nokia store nd get the software reinstalled..
  8. hello this problem is a mobile virus attak your mobile .pls your mobile formating procegure after format the mobile phone this poblem not appear .not that lost all data in ur mobile phone .before formating yor phone all phone numbers and other files,sms back up .and remove memmory card and sim caed .after press * 3 call butten ,on off swich also a disply "formating". not insert ur memmory card after formating memmory containse virus format ur memmory card and inserted
  9. u have flashing problem
    flash your mobile and even if it doesnot work then your boot ic is failure

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