Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nokia 6600 virus problem


I am using the handset of Nokia 6600 and i am facing a problem. my handset infected by the virus named by (Commwarrior).By this virus bluetooth is not working and handset is working very slow. Please tell me how can i solve this problem? with Thanks

  1. when you have a commwarrior a virus justly type *#00234 to your cellphone to install the lastest anti-viurs and without any installer from internet or memory card and to reformat jutsly type *#001243*#
  2. First remove your Memory card Then scan this card using Antivirus software.Then install anticommwarrir.sis file to memory card.Then run anticommwarrior and remove virus from phone.Now Virus is removed but Infected by commwarrior is appeared in the top of the screen in green colour this is Image file.It can be removed by using FE Explorer.Install FE Explorer then open Then the path is C:\System.APPS.PHONE.OPLOGOS.IMAGEFILE.The open Image file Then give Infected by Commwarrior.Remove This.This is the procedure To remove virus without Lose your Data
  3. just do *#7370# on your phone and give the security code i:e 12345 and then format your memory card
  4. Alright commwor take out your mmc card from the and then scan your mmc card with the help of card reader ,,and then go to the file option and unmark check from hiden files & folder and then virus checking scan with the help of any kind of anti virus softwear,and remember when u take mmc card from ur cell so u must format ur cell .To format ur cell code blow.
    * 3 Send (green button)and remember press these three button till ur your cell will not ON.when ur cell display formatting start then leave theis buttons ,,simple
  5. emove your mmc from phone & enter code *#7370# and put your phone secuirty code when asking,your virus from phone removed. Scan your mmc with antivirus software from your computer. you will not loss your data from mmc.

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