Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nokia N95 Wont start up properly


My nokia N95 was working fine and when i went to charge it up it went onto the white Nokia logo screen. Now it wont turn off unless the battery is removed and every time i turn it on it gets as far as the same white and blue logo screen but no further. The screen dims and then lights up again.Please Help! I use this phone for my business and am lost without it!!!

  1. I solved the problem by removing both the data and SIM-card, placing back the battery and booting it. It did start up normally, and pretty fast by the way, after which I returned the SIM-card. Switch off and on and problem is solved. I didn't place back the datacard yet though
  2. I had the same problem as the first two with the startup going straight to the white screen with the nokia logo and then it would turn off and restart in a cycle, taking out the battery would not help. This was after having the phone for only 9 days... took it to the Nokia Care Centre, got them to reflash the phone's firmware and it was fixed. I suggest doing the same, it's a firmare corruption that is causing the startup hang. Hope this helps you... ! :)

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