Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Phone security code N73


Sir I entered Menu and sim....lock code ...Here it asks for a lock code ..which i have forgotten,...I entered many codes but it ain't working and it is not asking for a master code...It just says ... lock ocde entered incorrect five times phone will unlock in five minutes...Please guide what to do...

  1. in order to solve your problem type *#06# at mobile screen, it will show you IMEI no of your mobile .Send this IMEI no to me, i will reply you with the unlock code which you can use to change the security code of your mobile which you have forgotten.......................waiting for your mobile IMEI no ..
  2. ur code will be 1 2 3 4 5


KikE JC said...

Sorry for posting this request in various of your comments, but can´t currently use my phone because is security locked... My IMEI is: 359738003684562. Thanks a million!. br. Kike JC

schellai said...

please help me I forgot my security code. and this is my IMEI no: 356260014755755.. heartfelt thanks..
schellai here

hamed140m said...

i have the same problem and forgot
my lock code and my IMEI is:

Anonymous said...

i forgot my security code help plz my IMEI no is 3576651015613457 thx!! email at
thank you!!

mohit said...

hi man i too have the same problem and my phone is dead slow can u help my imei no is 356406016816083 my email id is