Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ps3 startup software won't load correctly


When I turn on my ps3 instead of the nice main menu, I get a blank screen with some pixelation on it. I was using an HDMI connection, so I pulled it, put my regular rca cables back on and reset the dislplay options by holding the power button on front of the ps3, and the same happened so it doesn't appear to be a cable issue. Any ideas??

  1. You have to hold the front power button for about a minute.
  2. hiya, I did the exact same thing, but with a little common sense i finally figured how to get my screen to load again. this is what i did.I went back and plugged in my HDMI cable to the tv it was connected to with the rca cables as well. The HDMI connector should load the screen with its default setting. Go to the settings-display setting-video output setting.change it back to AV MULTI/SCART and just follow the messages. A message will pop up and tell you if the screen goes blank it will reset to its original setting (HDMI setting). Your screen will go blank, in the mean time, change ur television back to either video 1 or video 2, wherever you have ur regular RCA hooked should be able to see the menue. Hit save ur PS3 should be able to load through the regular RCA cables...hope this help...

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