Thursday, November 27, 2008

Unlock code for motorola SLVR L7


Unlock code for motorola SLVR L7


hopefully you have not forget or changed the security code.when the phone asked for the unlock code, press the menu key in te center of the keypadnow the phone is prompting you for the security code eg 12345


Alan Hagen said...

i know that there's an option for a hard reset for the v3, but i was wondering if there was also one for the slvr? my screen will not turn on at times, but there is something on the screen if i hold it just right to the light. is this an issue that can be fixed? thanks!

sri said...

Hey you can unlock your motorola using the codes.If you need an unlocking service get it from .This will help you to unlock your mobile easily.

uma TL said...
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