Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Unlock MY 6300


hiya im in the uk england i need the unlock code for my nokia 6300 its locked on orange this is my imei number 358051018959552

:Try code number 7 first. If it does'nt work, try code 1. Different codes work on different phones. Remember that you only have 5 tries.
To enter the code:
1. Push #
2. Push * 3 times in one second. (p will show)
3. Push * 4 times in one second.(w will show)
4. Push * 2 times in one second(+ will show)
5. Enter the code from below.
6. Push * 2 times in one second.(+ will show)
7. Enter the code number
8.Push #

Now a message like "Sim restriction off" should be displayed. That means your phone is now unlocked.

Your code's are:

#pw+493267323124160+7# <<


SarahMcC said...

Hi Mr Ahmed,
I noticed that you have been helping people unlock their phones! If you could help me, it would be muchly appreciated. My IMEI is 359544018237812. I purchased the phone throgh Optus, and want to put in a Telstra Simcard.

Sinan Kosak said...

Salamun Alaykum
I have a Nokia 6300 v 05.00 RM-217
My IMEI is 359537015137563. It only works with Orange in Romania. How can I unlock it? thanks a lot..

Pharmer said...

Hi Sarwar,
I too have a Nokia 6300 that I need to unlock. It is currently locked to O2 Ireland. My imei number is 359537018042315. Thanks and Best Regards

brighteyzz said...

Hi Sarwar,
I have a Nokia 6300, V 06.01, RM-217. My IMEI is 355714022758236. The phone is locked to the Optus network (Australia) and I'd like to use my Vodafone SIM card in it. Please help unlock my phone.
Lotsa love, peace & happiness!!!

M00SE said...

Hiya buddy.

My 6300 is on virgin uk.

Please could you provide an unlock code?

The IMEI is 354181024887549

Cheers m8 / HAPPY NEW YEAR!

brighteyzz said...

I'm sorry to say, but you "CANNOT UNLOCK THE NOKIA 6300" using the IMEI number. You must go to a mobile repair shop so they can unlock it (cheapest) or go to your service provider (rip off). I live in Australia and my mobile phone was locked to Optus. Optus quoted me $80 to unlock so I went to a mobile repair shop where they charged me $30.