Sunday, December 21, 2008

Motorola phone tools noncompatibility with vista


not able 2 detect my phone

  1. I would suggest you to Windows XP. Please note that it is not a problem of Motorola but of Vista.
  2. We Call It "Bosta"( Pice of Sack) in INDIA. Use XP, This Is The Best OS Till Date, Unless "Bosta" I mean Vista Comes up with Service Pack One Or Two to over come It's Bugs!!!
  3. hi to you all, please note that all the motorola phone tool can work with windows vista. on vista pc click start then control panel then click user accounts then turn off the the user account you will be promp to restart our pc click restart when your pc has restart installed motorola phone tool software whenit is finish start the phone tool short-cut it will first ask you do you want to do a live update click live update it will download and install the update and the driver for most motorola phone then you can use your phone on windows vista. ( NOTE ) IF YOU ARE USING MP3 FILES YOU WILL HAVE TO DOWNLOAD THE CODEC FOR VISTA .
    you can also go to the motorola site and download the driver for your phone model and run the phone tool and then install the driver it will work without have to update it.
  4. guys follow this link
    i will be trying it if it work later i have a school schedule to go with
  5. No dude, the problem is with Motorola. Vista is what it is. Motorola is supposed to make their software compatible. What are you a politician? My Dell computer didnt work when i first installed Vista, but they finally came out with a compatible driver. Many of us have already upgraded to Vista and going back may not be an option.

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