Sunday, December 21, 2008

Motorola RAZR V3i Cellular Phone V3i card formating


hi new scandisc 2gb micro sd card wont format in phone, formated ok in pc card reader but when i put it back into the phone it still wants to re format but it fails, i have tried formating in "fat32" and just "fat" format but to no avail, is there a special type of format for a phone's mem card

  1. I got a solution for a 1gig card, so the 512mb max thing is nonsense.

    Check this link:

    Register there, download the file and open with rar or zip. I formatted my card using the cardreader in my laptop (FAT, not FAT32) and added the files in the above file. Just place the "itunes" and "mobile" maps in the root of the card. Take it out, place it in your phone and voila!

    note: works on a 1gig micro sd card. Don't know about 2 or more.
  2. no solution... need a 512kb sdmini card... that is the MAX supported size.. i have the same thing on mine... i had a 512 card tho and it formats fine and works. the 2gb card wont even be recognized by the phone..nevermind format. i can also format it on my pc but that does no good
  3. My 2 gig didn't work and my phone just froze when I turned it on with the memory card in it, but when I installed it with the phone on it would format it and not freeze..

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