Sunday, December 21, 2008

To download skins for motorola v3i


how to download skins for v3i...........that from pc to cell through usb.........the phons tools doesnt show any option for how to download it??

  1. For that you need a software called "P2K Commander V-4.0" and its asociated driver. You also need a skin file.
    The skin file for motorola V3i can normally be obtained in a .zip file format.
    This zip file have one .ski file and normally have 14 .dat file.You have to copied all the .dat files and one .ski file in the mobile's skin folder for one skin.
    Remembered , your old moto skin folder should not be deleted at any cost. 'cause the new skin can use your old skin file....
    For more details visit the MotoX forum......
  2. first you have to install pc suite for your motorola so that you can download any themes for your celphone.... if you already have a pc suite look for themes you want to download... you can search for the ff websites: ;


kalyan said...

sorry buddy,, ur sugetion for installing themes is not working out...
pls help me wit th installation plsssssssss

kalyan said...

after insatllin th p2k commander th comander is not detecting my phone..