Thursday, November 27, 2008

Downloading pictures problem


I have a Razr V3m phone. Is there an way to download pictures off my phone and onto my computer? If so what do I need to do this?

  1. If your computer has bluetooth, the razr manual (pdf online) walks you through the steps of transferring photos (1 at a time).
  2. There are several different ways to do this. You can pay for the service thru your provider, pay for the software(motorola phone tools), download free software(bitpim), save it to your SD card if you have one, pull it out and use a card reader to get it, or get a software upgrade that changes your phone to a USB drive and pull it off your phone.
  3. You need a USB cable and then go to "hack the razr. com" and from there follow the links to download P2K commander and a driver to recognize your phone. With p2K its simple to transfer media to and from your phone.

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