Thursday, November 27, 2008



Hello, the screen on my razer is dead all of a sudden. The keypad works but both screens show nothing at all on them.The phone appears to work as it rings and I can answer the phone.If the screens got "burned" how can that happen at once for both of them?I read previous solution regarding the moisture dots and they appear white.Please help

  1. This worked for me - I had to do it several times because I never figured out whether to start with the phone "off" or "on".Press # * and the "end call (red)" buttons simultaneously and hold for several sections. Then power phone off and back on. I read this was the equivalent of "safe mode" booting for a RAZR. My phone has performed flawlessly since I did this on the 6th of February!
  2. You might have a problem with the cables in the top (LCD) part of the phone, if you feel comfortable disassembling go here, you might just have a loose connection or corrosion the the cable ends.

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