Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Help me with my chinese


Hey, I have recently bought the chinese N95 from ebay. have some problems with this phone, and if anyone can help, please do. I appreciate any comment. The first problem I have is, that I can't send pictures(MMS) to anyone. On my plan with T-mobile, I have unlimited text message and mms. I can send text messages fine, but not pictures. When I try to, it says error in sending mms. I thought it might had to do with WAP, which I don't understand. I can't connect to the internet, I don't really need it, but is me not being able to connect to the ineternet stopping me from sending picture messages? 2nd, I can't use the camera on front of the phone, there's no application to open it up,3rd, I don't know where to find the factory reset code, it's not in the manual.


You need to get the Settings for Internet/Wap and MMS from your Network Service Provider. These settings are usually sent as a text msg. When you receive the msg. choose save or install on your phone. Or get the settings directly from their website. The MMS service doesn’t always work between networks. To activate the front camera, select Options > Usesecondary camera. Factory settingsTo reset some of the settings to their original values, selectFactory settings. To do this, you need the lock code. See‘Phone and SIM card’. After resetting, the devicemay take a longer time to power on. Documents and filesare unaffected. If you reset the phone you'll have to reload the Wap/Internet/MMS settings.

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