Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Unlocking code for nokia n95 8gb on (3G uk)


please help with unlocking my n95 8b, on (3G uk), so i can use my t mob sim on it, asked 3g , they said i have to waite 18 months till my contract ends,been to many shops their prices are steeeeeeeeeeeeep, help please

  1. You can unlock it, but your contract will not go away. If you signed on the dotted line for 18 months or whatever, then that is when the contract will end. Type *#06# to displays the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number, that's the number required to unlock your phone. However your service provider could BLOCK it permanently.
    Comment by Raysagem, posted on Feb 27, 2008
    You should use code number 7 first. If it does'nt work, try code 1, then 2... Different codes work on different phones. Remember that you only have 5 tries. After that you have to leave it to a unlock shop.To enter the code:1. Push #2. Push * 3 times in one second. (p will show)3. Push * 4 times in one second.(w will show)4. Push * 2 times in one second(+ will show)5. Enter the code from below.6. Push * 2 times in one second.(+ will show)7. Enter the code number8.Push #Check after each try for a message like "Sim restriction off". That means your phone is now unlocked. Your code's are:#pw+988552113627756+1##pw+826321550435620+2##
  2. You can not unlock N95 with any free calculater, those calcs are for DCT4 phones, the N95 is a BB5, you can unlock it with a paid service only at the moment try Nokia N95 unlock Codes

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