Thursday, November 27, 2008

How do I install drivers for K800i in Windows...


The installation CD I got with my K800i doesn't allow for windows vista installations.What is the best way to remedy the problem?

  1. Download vista software from u don't get it from there just contact me i provide u with it.Regards,
  2. I can also recommend a cool app for Sony’s. It’s called i-Citizen and it came out recently. It’s the world’s first 3D world and the k800 works like a charm on it. Its fun to play and you can meet people and chat to them as you might have guessed. They have promotions where they give away PS3’s and Xboxes to people in a place called i-Bid in the app. Its beta release was announced in March 2008 and anyone can give it a try. You can get it from your mobiles browser or your pc by going to

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