Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Microsoft Xbox 360 Console 3 flashing red lights


When i turn on my 360 it makes a clack sound and 3 red lights on the front start to flash. HELP ME!!!!!

  1. Microsoft is INCLINED to replace the RROD (red ring of death)
    Its a fatal error with 360s, and theres not a thing you can do about it.
    It takes days to months once sent in to replace, but its 100% free.
    Microsoft are now accepting liability for the 3 red lights issue.
    My childrens XBox warranty had just expired (2 weeks prior). I was about to commence on the rubber thing, but thought i would phone customer services anyway to complain about the problem and the sheer number of people that this has happened to. They are now giving a full 3 year warranty for this problem and have collected the XBox this afternoon.
    Hopefully they will fix this with a new design that prevents this from reoccuring. Anyone who has had this fixed can also claim the repair bill back if within 3 years.
    contact customer services on 0800-587-1102! uk.
  3. The best thing you can do is follow the xbox 360 repair guide at isitascam.com

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