Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The xbox keeps going to unreadable disc


the xbox keeps going to unreadable disc, it stops in the middle of the game while playing,it says to put in a disc when there is a disc in the xbox.

  1. I blew ours out with an air compressor (I'm sure a can of air would work fine) and couldn't believe the amount of dust that blew out. Also make sure the drive drawer is open when you unplug it so you can blow air inside the cd-rom too.
    Also bought a cd/dvd cleaner at officemax.
  2. Check and see if there is any deep scratches in you disk.
    Happened to me, i just brought the game back to the store,no recept, and they gave me a new on because it was the manufactures fault.
  3. Make sure your box is not blowing really hot air and nothing is right behind it blocking it. I get disc read errors when its hot. Turn it off for a few minutes and let it cool down. Consider the xbox360 fan add on. From what your saying as long as it is not consistant it is just being TEMPramental . ALWAYS turn it off when your not using and be real nice to it. If the problem is consistant go back to solution 1 as a new or fixed xbox is better than one that may be running into problems.

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