Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Microsoft Xbox 360 Console Call of duty 4


Call of duty 4

  1. i cannot enter any matches anymore the process stops at getting match quality) thewn it tells me it cannot connect to player or if im playing a privte match it says cannot connect to host but the game seems to work fine when i make my own match
  2. I can't refresh or load any server up when playing online. it keep saying "waiting for response from master server" why is this happening? did i touch something in my setting or what? It wasn't doing this before but now it's doing it. it just won't want to load any server for me.
  3. Clear the memory cache from your hard drive and try again. Get instructions from google. Look for clearing xbox 360 hard drive cache for instructions.
  4. this isnt a solution but a little problem of my own, when i want to quit a game once it has gone back to lobby it says exaclty the same as yours 'need an active connection' so i have to quit to the main menu and load it back up but as soon as i do that all the points i got in that match or every match before that (if with same lobby) resets! its starting to get really annoying i got to rank 37 eight times last night grrrrrrrr
  5. xbox live has been having trouble for a few weeks now, it gets worse in the evening hours when alot of people are online. just keep trying

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