Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Microsoft Xbox 360 Console Xbox 360 will not read games or dvd's


The xbox will play music, but not games or dvds. When you insert the disc, it just sits there doing nothing or "open tray". I have tried to clean the lense with alcohol and qtip, but it did not help. Do you know a quick fix?

  1. I replaced the lazer on my DVD drive and it works great now! It took about $30.00 (shipped from ebay) and about 1/2 hour to replace.
  2. Repair without open your 360!

    Take a old hard disk 3,5 inch (the older, the better). Open the hard disk and rip-off the magnets (yes there are two magnets in a hard drive). Put one of the magnets on top of the middle of your dvd-drive. There are enough pictures on the net, so you can see were your dvd is.

    Put in a cheap music CD. Listen if its playing. If it play's and make no damage to the disk put in your game! It will play like new. This is a nice solution for the ratteling noise.

    Ring of dead; fix without opening.
    rip of your front, rip of the gray plastic under the hard drive an the other site. Take a vacuum cleaner and suc out all dust! Some 360 will work like new, don't put it on your fans! They will die.
  3. Guys. I have been successful in repairing my ring of death 360 by carrying out a mod on the heatsinks. Does require you to be somewhat technically minded. The X clamps that hold the heatsinks in place stress the motherboard so that when it gets hot it warps - causing the ROD. This mod replaces the X clamps with nuts and bolts and this prevents the stress. Like I say I tried it out on one of my 360s (had nothing to loose) and to my surpise it worked. And that was 6 months ago and it still works. Check out the guide at this URL:

    If in doubt then send it off to MS.

    As for the "insert DVD in a 360" problem - the laser is shot and so the drive needs replacing. Can source one on ebay but before fitting you need to flash it with the correct serial number else the 360 wont like it. There are guides online that can tell you how to do this.
  4. The laser is shot. I called MS, and they said they will send me a new box for $120!
  5. well take out all of ur xbox wires and reset the console , and leave it for 30 mins the max
  6. hey guys i sended my 360 for some guys repair it at some kind of depot where they fix those kind of stuff, and they're repairing it at the moment, but they told me it was laser or the optic or something like that, so the point is like they bought it from internet, and they're fixing it at the moment, so it cost me around $110.00, so I would recommend you go to a place like this and pay them for 'em to fix it, or if you don't have that amount of cash, pay them for check your xbox 360 and tell you what's the problem, for you to buy from internet or somewhere else, and then pay them for them to install on you 360. They told me that it'll work so and I read somewhere else or here I don't remember, that, that was what was wrong with it, so I think you could try this
  7. the laser is weak for reading 360 games, mine does the same thing and im just now getting around to fixing it
  8. bust a nut in the cd tray close it. then it will work!k.
  9. its simple use a dvd lens cleaner and it works like new
  10. Place ur X-box upside down horizontal and that makes it read more clearly and that should fix it.

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