Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Microsoft Xbox 360 Console 2 red lights on the ring of light


after playing a game for 10 min. or less playing on an xbox 360, the screen turns off and the xbox has 2 red lights on the ring of light the console is still on and the controller is still doing what it was doing such as vibrating the fans shut off after a couple moments but there is still lights

  1. its deffinly an overheating problem on the gpu or cpu i used to work for xbox in uk and fixed many many of these consoles at the repair centre allthough there are several solutions to fixin this problem that ive read about on the net. the best way i recommend is to clean of thermal paste on the gpu and cpu and replace with new paste and also buy a thermostatic cooling adapter or better fan for the back of the xbox and then it should continue to work fine also make sure the console is in a open a area so it can breathe , the biggest problem with this console i didnt understand is why didnt they didnt put a fan on the gpu heatsink and the cpu heatsink you dont see a pc without one or a good graphics card for a pc without one the cooling design is very poor and that dvd drive completely covers the gpu heatsink just think of all that heat in the plastic im supprised i never had one on fire lol, but now they have made some updates with new floating heatsink for gpu which is cool. best of luck people.
  2. The problem might be your `Transformer` ( I think thats its name) , you know, the big black box thing which you plug into the wall sockets and then plug your xbox into the transformer, try cooling that down. I dont know why but when I get 2 red lights I cool the transformer with a fan (yes I unplugged the transformer first) then plug it back in, the last time i did this it worked for about 3 hours before it broke again.. this is just a temporary fix not a permanant one. The only other thing I can suggest is send it in!
  3. 2 red lights on the ring of light

    clean the cilicon of the cpu & gpu .
    new cilicon in the cpu & gpu .
  4. Two red lights means your xbox is overheating. Clear the air vents by getting rid of the dust. Keep your xbox in the upright position in a well ventilated area away from any heat sources.

    If it goes any further than this and you find you get three red lights, follow these instructions on how to repair your xbox 360
  5. 2 red lights mean overheating!

    I had it just before I had the 3 red lights and then I had to repair it with the eraser fix. I found some information searching on Google that refer to it as overheating problem as well. I believe it is a warning stage before the 3 red lights. The 2 red lights can be prevented and fixed by a few simple actions:

    1. Give it some air! Put your console in an open space where it can ?breathe? and get some cool air.
    2. Let it cool down for a few hours, be patient! Wait until the console is really cool and then turn it on.

    Some prevention I recommend:

    1. Make sure the console sit in an open space with nothing blocking the air from coming in and out.
    2. Be careful not to put the console next to a hot item such as stove, radiator etc.
    3. From time to time check on it and make sure all the fans are working and that your console does not over heat, if it does you might want to buy some kind of a cooling system.
    4. DO NOT put your console outside in the cold weather or in the freezer it might cause even bigger problems!
    5. If you still have your warranty now it is a good time to exchange your console for a new one! Don?t wait like I did?

    From my experience this should prevent the 2 red lights from coming back and from the appearing of the 3 red lights which means your console need to be repaired!
  6. the best solution is to VACCUM the dust out of the xbox before you get other problems. The collecting dust is making ur xbox overheat. So keep it clean before you get the 3 or 4 rings of death!
  7. I have found that if your xbox 360 is getting the red light problem the best thing to do in order to help it cool down if you are in a room with not enough ventalation is get something like a electric fan and turn it up to tbe coolest and just hold it over your xbox for a few mins and it should help to cool the system off

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