Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Microsoft Xbox 360 Console Xbox 360 no video


i have one of the regular xbox 360s with the 20gb hd. its not even a year old and i lost video, i get sound, but no video. i'm not stupid so dont suggest trying different tv's, making sure the av cables are plugged into the same input, making sure the switch is turned to tv and not hdtv. the only thing i havent tried is using a different av cable. until i can find someone with one i wont be able to, im not about to spend $30 and wait 2+ weeks for something that may not work. does anybody have a suggestion?

  1. I had no video and dots, and the sound worked fine, but no RRoD.
    So I tried the towel trick just to kill the 360 into a RRoD situation that is covered by the extended warranty. After about 40 minutes of running the 360 was crazy hot. I flipped on the TV/Video switch to see if there was any change, and the video returned!

    So, the towel tricked worked for me. I wanted to kill my 360 but it revived it. It's been 4 days and the video has been working fine
  2. same proble guys playing Mass effect I thought the game just had really crap lighting, and being colour blind thought nothing of the unusual colouring and then turned it off after playing and when i tryed it again no piture wonding if i should get it repaired or wait till this becomes the new 3ROD problem they fork out to fix at the company
    ps I rarely ever played mine never would of had a chance to warm up let alone overheat
  3. same problem TRY:

    *turning on wait 10 secs and turn it off.
    *turn on hold RT+Y
  4. Buy a pre-owned cable, test it on your system, if it works keep it, if it doesn't, take it back and say you bought the wrong lead!]
  5. Mine started doing this and the towel trick seemed to of fixed it enough to play games many times over. I seem to only get it during mass effect, weird eh?
  6. I know 95% of you have probably tried this, but if you have your HDMI components hooked into your TV, make sure the switch on your A/V cables is turned to HDMI...and if they are just the regular RYW cables, make sure its switched to TV.

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