Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My xbox 360 won't even start up/turn on


This is bs i just bought halo 3 and i get home and my xbox 360 don't even turn on that fucked up piece of shit xbox

  1. take your xbox to the roof and drop it on the cement below that will solve your problem for now
  2. Mine would not turn on either, all I did was unplug the power brick from the powerstrip I had it in and put it directly in the wall outlet.
  3. If the unit wont power on, and the power brick has power and is lit up green, the issue is likely a failing voltage regulator transistor. The P/N of the transistor is MMBT3906LT1 and it can be replaced at home with a small soldiering iron and some care. Look up the transistor part number. There of plenty of location guides and sources to buy it on line. They are all of a few dollars.
  4. If you're talking about your hard drive (attaches to the top of the machine), then take it out and use a memory card. If it's a memory card... then you may need to replace it.
  5. Fixya solved 3 red lights problem
    thanks fixyaexpert

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