Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Error E 74


ive had my xbox 360 for about a year and a half now and it has worked great until just a couple of weeks ago...when i turn my xbox on now all it shows is the bottom right ring light flashing red and E 74 appears on the screen. I looked it up and was told that it was a problem with the a/v cable, but i tried other a/v cables that belong to my friend and it still doesnt work. i figured that maybe that it was the a/v component inside the xbox i.e. the chip. i no longer have a warranty on my xbox so microsoft will not help. does anyone have any advice for me? is there a way i could acquire another chip and replace it?

  1. Even though I did the stupid thing taking apart my xbox 360 breaking the seal microsoft still gave me another 360 I didn't even have a warranty! I still bought another 360 though because they said that there would be a 10% chance of it being fix. So now I have 2 360's
  2. 1. do the damn towel trick.
    this is a temp fix
    2. go sell it to gamestop w/o HDD
    3. GO back the next day and buy a new 360
    i had to do this cuz my xbox was stolen
  3. Worked for me. Wrapped in towel for 5 minutes. Took it off and let it cool down. Error E74 gone (for now).
  4. Okay, you can pay xbox about $150 and they will fix it. your xbox is overheating and it is happening to all of them. If you don't want to try that, I have heard of a solution some people, even a friend of mine has wrapped a towel around it and just left it on. It will counteract itself and reboot itself to normal and you will be able to play with it. when and if you fix it, unplug it when not in use and don't play marathon times with it.
  5. i had error 74 .The only way you will fix it is by doing the x clamp fix ,then over heat the system by unpluging the fans until you get two red lights. My 360 has been work ever since.
  6. alright quit witht the goddamn towel trick it breaks the consale even more water and electricty doesnt work just send it in or fix it your self

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