Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Microsoft Xbox 360 Console My rank on call of duty 4 on xbox live keeps on..


I am having problems between my xbox live wireless connection and call of duty 4 xbox 360 game. 95% of the time, my progress does not save, it just occasionally randomly saves. Its very frustrating because every time im playing it, i wonder if 'this time' it will save and all the progress im making is totally worthless. C.O.D is the only game i seem to be having saving problems with. I understand that the game has auto save, but why isnt it doing its job after each round??
I would be absolutely delighted if you could provide me with an answer as it is the best game i have ever played and im not able to enjoy it freely.
Please help.

  1. Do you have a big enough hard drive? or is your HD full?
  2. are you saving it to your harddrive if so make sure that it is plugged in correctly or you may be having problems with the disk.
  3. i got it too... but i know how to save ( works 50%) after a match do NOT leave it yet, if the new match just sarted, after the countdown leave verry vast als ga to the home page, this might work
  4. my hd not full or anything like that but nothing is saving when i disconnect or turn my xbox off. 5% off the time it does so im now rank 4 but thius is only online.

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