Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Xbox 360 screen wont show up


i was playing and one day i turned it on and the sound worked perfectly but the screen dident come up i bought new cables still nothing so what do i do.........

  1. If the console is not under warranty (hence you removed the seal) there is a simple fix for this - Do not do the towel trick - harms the cpu and the gpu also only works for a little while.
  2. This is a difficult solution to recommend but the towel trick does work, let it over heat the 360 for about 20 min, then let it cool for 20 more min, and it now works fine, I have a inner cooler now to keep from overheating again.
  3. ok try to let it cool for 30-50 min then turn it on if stiil dosent then wipe all prongs and then plug them back in the tv now try to turn it on still no work try new cables still no work try new tv. but check if the switch is set to hd or tv{if u have hd switch to hd if tv turn to tv}.try to get a new consle if to much $ try sending to the manufraturer. that all that i can offer
  4. right yh same here... i tryed putting it on another T.V it allmost worked for me but im guessing I need a new lead, but for you it may work, give it a try. if that doesn't work i really dont know, i tryed goin to the shops about it but they said the problem was new to them.
  5. Send it in to xbox they'll fix it. Takes forever but they'll do it. If you can make it that long.

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