Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Microsoft Xbox 360 Console Xbox 360 will not read cds of any sort, no error


I have had my xbox 360 for a little over a year. It was one of the first to come out and has not had any problems in the past year. However a few days ago it would not read any CDs I attempted to play. It would give me the READING message on the status bar in the dash for a second, and then revert back to the open tray option, as if it wasn't detecting even the presence of a CD in the drive.

  1. My xbox stopped reading games untill i would open and close the tray for 20 minutes and even though lots of people say dvd lens cleaners dont work i got one cuz i cant live without my 360 and didnt want to send it to get fixed i bought the lens cleaner and some duster and sprayed all the dust out and ran the lens cleaner a few times after i got it to load. Then i put in a game and it worked first try and has had no problems since.
  2. i have fix my dads console.It wouldnt load games only cds and dvds.It would come up with a message PUT THIS GAME IN A XBOX 360.Ifixed it by taking the dvd drive out opened the drives case and pushed the laser up to the dvd motor that spins the disc. It play games first time .He was told the laser was nackerd but it work perfectly every time now .
  3. My xbox was having trouble reading disks and one day it stopped reading them almost completly. I could get a game to work but it took about 20 minutes of opening and closing the tray even with brand new disks. My microsoft warrenty was up and i had a smart plan but they wanted me to send it somewhere and i cant really live without it so i bought some duster and a maxwell dvd lens cleaner. I spayed out all my vents and then ran the lens cleaner. After that i put in my newest game and it worked perfect. I then tried one of my older more used games just in case it was luck, but it worked perfect the first time. Im so happy i dont have to ship it away. i finally can love life again.
  4. If your XBOX360 will not read anything, your problem could be two things. Your DVD Rp, laser is bad or your DVD Rom PC Board is bad. You will need to replace the DVD ROM. The XBOX 360 motherboard itself shouldbe good 99.9% of the time.
  5. The problem here probably relates to the drives disk placement magnet. Which holds the disk in place to spin up. Sometimes this can become dis-lodged and stick to the roof of the drive therefore not recognising cd's, dvd's anything inserted into the drive. Sometimes makes no noise at all, sometimes makes a horrid scraping noise and sometimes though rarely engages perfectly and attempts to spin up but usually fails.

    Ok the nitty-gritty to fix this fault I'm afraid you'll need to open up your xbox and dvd drive. there are plenty of tutorials that show you how to carry this out especially the really handy ones on youtube if you search. I'm thinking about posting a video solution, the next time i get this fault in my hands and show how easy it is to fix.
  6. my xbox is doing the same thing, my first xbox died because of the little magnetic thing that is supposed to hold the game in place, you know you have this problem when your xbox 360 makes a very loud very annoying grinding noise. i fixed this by opening my xbox and manually putting the magnetic cap over this disk *i had no warrenty* well i got annoyed with that so i bought a new xbox used........ never buy a used xbox. so mine broke again, and i have this open tray problem. it is not the magnetic cap that is doing this. unless u hear a loud grinding noise thats not it. i am currently looking at my xbox which i have opened and manually put the magnetic cap on the disc and tried to play i, i still get and open disk error. well i heard something about a rubber band fix, and that the reason that the open tray thing happens because the lazer is pushed to far foward and reads the very middle of the disc, which has no information on it. thus thinking there is no disc in the console here is a link. i am about to try it. i hope it works. i hope i helped


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