Saturday, November 29, 2008

Music player:Not enough memory,N70


I had 2 songs in my Music player > music menu of N70.Now when i try to save any song,it shows me the following message--
Music player:Not enough memory t operform operaton.Delete some data first.The memory has 800MB free space and teh songs are of 6MB.

  1. go to message menu then press options and press settings and come down to other press that and change the memory options to memory card instead of phone memory hope it works
  2. theres an error on your phone try to solve that but backup first contacts on your phone and any files that can be move to memory card. then input this code to reset the phone

    code: *#7370#
  3. delete all logs , it will gonna work for
  4. Delete as much messages in your message 'inbox' and voila! I had the same problem and it worked that way. I hope it works for you guys too
  5. make sure your phone memory is not below 8 mb.. if it is, pls move them to your memory card.. and then delete the saved files if it is still stored in your inbox..make sure it is already stored to the memory card, before deleting from the inbox.. it eats up your phone memory...
  6. Upgrade your software by dowloading the utility from and connect the phone through USB Cable.

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