Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nokia 5300 white screen problem


my nokia 5300 only shows up white screen when turn on, what can i do please. this is the nokia 5300 only last me for one month, and it still very new.please give me a solution.

  1. i went to WWW.HTCLCD.COM for my replacement LCD only cost $20 and came with the T5 Torx screwdriver
  2. your 5300 need a re program'
    youre phone program is damage or corrupt.
    the best solution is program..
  3. if you can still make calls from your phone then your software is ok. Changing the flex will solve the problem.
  4. hehe..or maybe the flex is already damaged or maybe the LCD is if not the flex..try changing them if the program thingy won't work

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