Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My n73 always shows that my memory is full


don t put much MB, photo's on my phone but still it always reminds me that my memory if full. when i do check it on my phone memory it says: 44MB used 0 kb unused. where infact, i dont store much data on it. help


you need to format your phone. try the soft format of *#7370# , if this doesnt work then do a hard format by folowing these steps1. Make sure you have at least 3/4 charge of battery power left. 2. Backup your contacts list and personal files to MMC memory card. 3. Switch-off your phone. 4. Press and hold these 3 keys; Green dial key, * (star key) and no. 3 key and then press the power on/off to switch on the phone. Do not let go all of the keys, hold until you see a formatting word screen show! 5. After a few minutes when the full phone formatting completed, your phone will be back to original system and factory setttings. All applications installed will be lost unless you've made a backup on your mmc. You can restore the backup to the C drive again.You should also try to save all your data on the mmc, that includes pics, mp3, videos ,games. avoid saving data on phone memory unless you have no memory card (mmc)Formating phone will delete all your files in the phone memory so you should back up all your data before doig a full format

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