Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nokia N73 software update problem


After a long wait I finally purchased my unlocked Nokia N73 while on a trip to the Middle-East. I decided to enhance my perfectly working phone with an update from the Nokia web site. I installed the newest firmware on my PC, started the download process until I moved the usb cable and the phone powered off and would not power back on. I was told the firmware update did not complete and someone needs to reinstall software. Nokiausa won't help since the phone was not purchased here in the USA,and I cannot find anyone that could help me!!


When updating software on Mobs, be sure to:HAVE A FULLY CHARGED BATTERY INSERTED;PUT IT ON GENERAL PROFILE;TURN OFF YOUR PIN NUMBER;CONNECT YOUR CHARGER TO YOUR MOB AND SWITCH IT ON;DO NOT-----DO NOT---- TOUCH YOUR PHONE WHILE THE UPDATE IS GOING ON;THIS CAN TAKE 30 MINUTES OR MORE.And obviously don't unplug the phone from the PC.Be patient, you may have to do a restart or two on your mob afterwards. Even remove the battery to get it going again. But give it plenty of time.I did an update on a Sony Eric 810i it took nearly two hours.

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