Wednesday, November 26, 2008

N73 software update - phone not working


during software update N73, the phone does not switch on. what can i do

  1. When updating software on Mobs, be sure to:HAVE A FULLY CHARGED BATTERY INSERTED;PUT IT ON GENERAL PROFILE;TURN OFF YOUR PIN NUMBER;CONNECT YOUR CHARGER TO YOUR MOB AND SWITCH IT ON;DO NOT-----DO NOT---- TOUCH YOUR PHONE WHILE THE UPDATE IS GOING ON;THIS CAN TAKE 30 MINUTES OR MORE.And obviously don't unplug the phone from the PC.Be patient, you may have to do a restart or two on your mob afterwards. Even remove the battery to get it going again. But give it plenty of time.It is also wise not to use your PC while updating software, just in case the PC freezes.If the PC freezes during an update, you're up the creek without a paddle...I did an update on a Sony Eric 810i it took nearly two hours.----------------------------------------------------------------------------More... Your phone turns itself on and off, sometimes more than once while updating software, you should leave it well alone during the update

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