Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nokia 6300 Blank screen?


My Nokia 6300 shows only a black screen? I suspect my baby dribbled over it too much but the battery seems fine. I can receive and make calls but cannot see anything on the screen.
Any tips?

  1. i had this problem
    my nokia 6300 turned faulty, when i powered it on it flashed then
    got a blank screen, u need to take it back to where you purchased ti from and request a replacement / refund. Its a hardware fault, it happened to two of my nokia 6300 phones.
  2. Baby-dribble + Phone = Dead Phone

    If your phone was exposed to baby-dribble, your kid might have killed your Phone.

    Take it to your local Service-Center and have them take a look at it. Let them decide if the phone could be repaired or might be up for early replacement.

    Normal warranty-conditions might not cover the damage if its "moisture-damage"
  3. Its easier than you think to solve this problem.. I phoned Nokia and was told "Take your battery and SimCard out.. Qipe the SIM Card thouroghly" It worked a treat :)

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