Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nokia n73 Memory full


according to memory details, i have 657 MB left in my memory card, yet prompts come up that say "memory full , delete some data" or another prompt that says i cannot receive incoming messages and must delete data , there is also a flashing envelope icon. ive turned the phone on and off, as per advice of some people, yet it is still the same. I cant even do simple functions, i keep getting prompted to delete data, which i have done, removing 400 pictures, freeing up so much memory space, yet still i cannot receive incoming messages because of "memory full" SO FRUSTRATING, HELP PLEASE!!!

  1. I think the problem is that the SMS memory is diffrent from the memory card.In order to fix your problem try and delete some of the msgs (SMS) that you have in the inbox, usually this will free up the memory you need
  2. Try to change your default memory to Memory Card in Phone seeting then delete some messages from inbox. Aftr changing the Default Memory the phone will stores newly installed Apps, messages in Memory Card

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