Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ps3 not reading


40gb ps3 not reading any discs. this is my 2nd ps3 with this problem.

  1. i was just on Call of Duty 4 , i was shooting my gun and there was no sound at all then i turned my ps3 off and now it wont read the disk!!
  2. Nope circut city is only a 14 day return policy. lol Looks like your getting another ps3. My sons laser crashed on his yesterday he has played it 2 weeks (he was playing call of duty 4). To the person asking about how to contact sony. Go to and com and somewhere will say support and contact us. The number will be there. There is no fixing it and if its under 90 days its a new replacement. If its over 90 its a refurb. So better hurry. They will send you a new box w/ prepaid shipping and you send it back ups (tracking) Then your new one will come. Sucks you have to wait for it but hey at least they are sending out new ones no questions asked.. hope this helps...
  3. Lots of people are having this problem for lots of different reasons. It is a problem with the disk drive. Call Sony Customer Support on 08705 99 88 77 (this is a UK number and always check here first for latest numbers: Sony will want the serial number (on the back of the playstation under the bar code). In my case I called on a Friday morning and they have arranged a replacement system for the Monday between 8am - 6pm. I'm sure Sony has similar arrangements in all other regions.Good luck!
  4. I already posted my account of the same problem, so this is one of the resolution.I took the PS3 to the shop I bought it from. The guy said that he'll check it and get back to me in a few days and that it might cost me, seeing as to how the warranty of 1month he had given me only covered the motherboard. When I went back to him he said that it's the lens(or perhaps the blu-ray diode as others have said, but from what I remember, he told me it was the lens).. and replacing it would cost me 15KD which is around 30 pounds sterling, and around $56 at the current exchange rates... that's after discount apparently... I asked about the guarantee he'd give me, he said 2 weeks... I asked him about what happens if it should fail after the 2 weeks, he said that would be impossible..Anyways... it's working fine and smoothly now, no problems so.. far...
  5. mine just went aswell,not showing or reading any discs allthough i havent been using call of duty so i wouldnt blame that game for the problem, who can say why the drive should be such poor quality for so many people to be having the same problem.i called sony this morning though and they said they'l have a new one sent to my doorstep tommorow which is pretty good customer service i'd say.

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