Wednesday, November 26, 2008

PS3 says DNS error (80710102) when i try to connect


Hi, it would be marvelous to sit back and play challenges online with my new PS3 console :DAlthough ... with help from my ISP (AOL) with the connection details i need it still doesn't work! When going through the settings manually the console recognises my IP address but not the DNS. When contacting AOL with the info they gave me i'm only given one DNS code or (DNS Server) from my comp? Which could be why its not connecting?When trying automatic for the console to recognise the server itself, neither options IP or DNS work but misrably fail.I've read on reviews i may need to change my firewall settings, but i think the DNS needs to be correct first from what the PS3 Internet Connections Settings say.Any help would be much appreciated, i will work for food !

  1. Under the network settings, disable the Media Server Connection. You won't need that anyway. Then try again. Should work.
  2. NOW YOU SHOULD HAVE IT FIXED!!!I know THE SOLUTION FOR THIS PROBLEM (when you use LINKSYS WRT54G) don't know of this works out for other too but give it a try !! I've spend hours on this looking.. but I'll spare you my life story..The first thing you do is look up the MAC-adress of your ps3 which can be found in your network configurations pannel.once you found this you note this somewhere on a sheet of paper.Next you go to your linksys router (on your pc)You can acces this by typing in your browser.when you are there search were you can fill in a MAC-adress and replace the one you've got by the one of your ps3 (on sheet of paper)OK so far so good. Then you will have a NAT-type 2 instead of 3 (which means that you don't have to fill in your configurations like DNS and Ip-adress manually) So this you don't get a DNS error.Then go to network configurations on your ps3 and use simple or advanced (I don't think this makes a difference =) )But I took simple. Next set everything on automatic. IT IS ALSO IMPORTANT THAT YOU USE THE RIGHT WEP-key (which can also be found in your router configurations)=> ( in browser and settings) or ask me if you don't find thisAnd don't use proxy server or UpNp (the last one makes no difference with me)ENJOY THE ONLINE PARADISE GAMING AND DOWNLOADING OF PS3!!feel free to ask questions if this wasn't clear =)
  3. it is very easy to fix dns error on ps3first if u have a computer, go to ur internet and click on support to know the ip address and so onu then write it down and go to ps3 network setting and choose manualthen enter the numbers urself and it will worku might have ip number conflct later but u can fix by just clicking repair on ur pcgood luck
  4. for mine i tried other fixes and they didn't work. Turns our my router had enabled security but the PS3 had forgotten the password (WEP key).I turned off the WEP on my router and the PS3 suddenly found its connection.To say I was getting stressed is an understatement, Sony should put something on their website, it seems like a really commonm problem to which people have no clear route to solution.

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