Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Puk code for a nokia6300


puk code for a nokia 6300

  1. the code puk is 22222222
  2. your puk code is determined by your sim cards ... just try to still look back the papers of your sim card and then there you will find puk numbers that you will be able to type when there is a message that puk number.. it states there if 1 or 2
  3. if you cannot find the puk code of your simcard , buy another new simcard .....
  4. The PUK number is available from your network service provider free of charge
  5. Get a new simcard
  6. best way is to go to one of the east-indian cell phone technician and he will do it for less than $20.00, I bet ya
  7. call you service provider and they will give you the puk codetry this 777655565 and it will work, it worked on my nokia L0L

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