Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Unlock my nokia 6300


i have nokia 6300
i forgot my security code, i want unlock my phone
imei no 356261010700860

  1. Phone Security Code:
    This locks the handset, as opposed to the sim card. You can also set some handsets to only accept a “new” sim if the phone security code is entered. To reset it, you need the Master code code:
    Master Reset Code
    Sometimes known as the Master Code, this allows you to unlock a handset if you have entered the Security Code wrongly too many times.
    The default security code for Nokia is 12345

    IMEI: 356261010700860
    Master code: 1130600407
    Take your SIM card out first.
    This is the code needed to reset the Security code, nothing else, and it’s for your phone only. You type in the security codes (anything) until the phone request the Master code; when it does, leave your phone still, don’t use it for 15 minutes, then type in the Master code.

    "Confucius he say: He who stand on toilet, is high on pot."
  2. here's your code comrade! 1130600407
  3. i have the same problem as the above .i forgto my security code and cant use the phone.anyway to unlock the security code.Ime 353508024574746

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