Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Security Code for Nokia 6300


I changed the security code for my Nokia 6300 and i cant seem to remember what it is. I have tried all the passwords that i have ever used before but none seem to work . I have also tried the default one 12345 and that doesn't work either.
My IMEi is: 359544010292294 im connected with vodafone and live in Sydney, NSW, Australia
If you could email the code to that would be great otherwise ill check back into this website to see if anyone was able to help m

  1. This is the Mastercode 1076517367 for IMEI 359544010292294
    This is the code needed to reset the Security code, nothing else, and it's for your phone only. You type in the security codes (any) until the phone request the Mastercode, when it does, leave your phone still, don't use it for 15 minutes, then type in the Master code.
    The default security code for Nokia is 12345.
  2. For jowy:
    This is the Mastercode 7531542754 for IMEI 353933019406219


michael said...

i have nokia 6300 rm-217
i forgot my security code, i want unlock my phone
imei no 358647017246527
please help me

BB5 SUCKS said...

i have a 6300, forgotten the security code.
imie is 356261012059075