Wednesday, November 26, 2008

.sis file supporting problem


I am Sajal Kaity. I have a N95 Mobile of Nokia.The Problem is, I have installed a .sis file named SmartMovie from my Computer to my N95 Mobile.But when I try to open the SmartMovie, An error generate like "does not support this format". And any .sis file is not being supported by this N95.You are requested to send the solution to my Email Address given below. I shall be greatful to you.

  1. This is Sushil Sharma from India.I have the solution for your problem.The Solution is :Nokia N95 does not supports any .sis file.B'cose N95 supports .sisx file.So try to install .sisx fileIf u want to install SmartMovies.Then try to install Smart Movies 3.41It fully supports your N95.
  2. you need ti sign your file first before you install it, and also make sure your downloading correct version, think its os9 v3
  3. Get a certificate for your IMEI from and sign your own file.You may like to google for signsis tool also.

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