Thursday, November 27, 2008

Unlock sony ericsson w200i


i need to unlock my sony ericsson w200i as i had it sent from the u.k. & my dad forgot to unlock it before he sent it, i have data cable etc,,

  1. switch it on and off very quickly ten times approx with a blocked simcard and then it should work. it happened with me
  2. i am having the same problem as you. in novemeber it said that it could take ages to get the code but some good news is that .. if you call the network provider that the phone is with like with mine it is orange and i wanna us o2. orange said to me to have it over 3 months .. then call up have £20 on your phone then they will get the code for you ... however this comes in the post. a tip is to have more than 20 on the mobile if calling from it cuz it charges you twenty pence or something. hope that this was some help to you.
  3. never purchase an ASDA mobile i want to unlock my se w200i and it seems like there is no REAL solution other than to pay some bloke from a market stall to do it and still thats just hit n miss,, asking your network operator to give you an unlock code is a joke, they wont give it to you, they just mess you around, i have tried this with asda mobile and virgin mobile, they dont want you to go and get a better deal with somone else...

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sri said...

You can unlock your sony ericsson using the cable.But it's not safe compare to code..Codes are the best way to unlock your mobile.There are many providers offer this unlocking service. If you need get the unlocking service from .This will help you to unlock your mobile easily.