Thursday, November 27, 2008

Unlocking Sony Ericsson w200i


Can i unlock my w200i phone someone sent it for me and it is useless unless gets unlocked any piece of advice would be highly appriciated.

  1. If you are on virgin then just send virgin mobile a message with your IMEI. they will send an unlock code in 5 days for free. the australian w200i can not be unlocked in this way. also the one asking for the correct SIM will have to get an unlocking kit or take it to the orange shop. they charge £30.
    Do virgin mobile brand their w200i s. do you think they are ok in just black?
  2. go to a dealer and they will usually unlock for a small charge.
  3. i gave up looking for a code and ringin customer services for o2 uk so i just went to this cheap knock off shop in the city that i live in they unlocked my w200i for 10 quid cheaper thn dealers. you carnt get codes for w200i phones they need a unlocking device with a small battery pack on them these are like 40 quid off ebay so unless ur unlocking millions of phones goin to that cheap phone shop in town is the best bet
  4. My understanding is that recently a law has been passed the USA(or Maybe only California?) requiring gsm service providers to unlock the codes of their customers on request. So if whoever sent you the phone still has active service with the provider that the phone is locked to, ask them to call customer service and request unlocking of that phone. They will walk them through the steps and codes required for that They will need the IMEI number behind the battery. Some service providers don't even check if that particular phone was used by that particular customer, but rather only impose a limit of maximum 1 phone unlock every 3 months per line of service. Note that this is not widely known and not advertised at all for obvious reasons.

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sanjith said...

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