Thursday, November 27, 2008

Unlock sony ericsson w200i


pls send me unlock code for sony ericsson w200i. if any one can help me?Hi ,, i need to unlock my sony ericsson w200i as i had it sent from the u.k. & my dad forgot to unlock it before he sent it, i have data cable etc,,,thank you & much appreciated if you can help,,andymy phone is locked can you send me an unlock code

  1. I need the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. Type this code in your phone to get it: *#06# you can also find it beneath the battery. I also need to know the network that the phone is locked on, and the country you’re in. Then I will give you the codes.
  2. can u help me? imei 35540501-208846-6-13 I have a software to put nao I know if cod and really this Nokia Free - To trace. Model: Sony CMD-CD5 IMEI: 355405012088466 Lock Code: * # 7465625*11*46648588 # Unlock Code: * # 7465625*12*46648588 # I am of area Brazil 55 - area Rio De Janeiro cod 021, and network is "Oi"
  3. have purchase this set from Orange UK.IMEI number=35970701-827967-6i want to use it on mobilink & warid network.I want to use it in Faisalabad, Pakistan.Please Tell me the code step by step so that i can unlock it myself. i will be highly thankful to you for this help.

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sanjith said...

hi there are many method to unlock the mobile they are cable ,software ,codes etc...
among them codes are the best .there are many online providers found that render codes to unlock the purchase codes visit
here they ask the country and the network name to which your mobile is locked then the imei number of your mobile .finally they will send you the codes to unlock your mobile.