Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cannot Enable WMA Playback


I saved my MP3 files on the memory stick and when I try to play them on my PSP it says that the WMA Playback is not enable. When I follow the instructions to enable it, it trys to connect to the wireless internet.

Is there a way to enable the WMA Playback without going online with my PSP or am I not downloading the music to my PSP properly?

  1. go to recover menu [when switching on the psp hold the R button] do to "registry hack" or something similar choose "activate WMA playback" or something similar and activate by pressing the X button.
  2. i have found a idea if you like convert your wma files from searching in www.google.com to mp3 then try
  3. what ever you do, DO NOT RESET SETTINGS cause then you just have to reset them and it wont do you any good. I had the same problem. The most lodgicall way to solve this is just to spend like 3 bucks at mcdonalds and get the wifi so you can play online multiplayer, go on the internet, and fix the wma feature. Or you could just free load off of a friends wifi or wirless setup. But you may have to enter a security code.
  4. as of now, there is no way to enable WMA playback without wireless internet. but it is not as far away as you think! in fact, most McDonald's have free wifi! as for your mp3 problem, try reverting it to factory setting, under system menu i think..
  5. i just had the same problem! i have the best solution! First:
    1. go to settings>restore defaults
    2. then go to your songs, it should play, if it doesnt, i will slap myself
  6. bandolero: you might have the music files as .cda or sompthing they have to be .mp3 or .wma for the psp to recognise them then you might have to enable wma try it and see what happenes

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