Tuesday, December 23, 2008

PSP connection error: 80410A0B


Hey, i have been using the internet on my psp ever day. Now, today, when i try to connect, a message comes up and says (A connection error has occured(80410A0B) Connection Name --- SSID ---. Also, the wifi light doesnt come on. Help, pleaz, im starting to have withdraw!!!!!

  1. its happened to my psp.
    there is no solution, nothing works, updates dont work,
    down grades dont work, you have to swap your psp for a new with sony, they supply them iven if you dont have warrenty
  2. First of all, psp can browse the internet with its simple browser.
    BUT! What you may not know is that there is a bug where when you try to search or use a wireless lan connection (WLAN) the psp may say something like:

    Internal Error

    To fix this without any memory loss, take out the UMD which is in the psp, and also take out the memory card.
    Next, go to settings, then system settings and click restore settings, the psp may freeze up, but it is not broken, take out the batter pack and put it back in, the settings should be restored and all should work.
    Sony hotlines dont seem to tell you how to fix it, many people often go buy a new or swap their psps, but all you need to do is this!
  3. go to system settings restore default settings it always works for mechek if your proxy server is on if it is on turn it off i had the same problem with mine, to turn it off you go to the web browser, then tools, then settings then proxy server setings and set it on do not use.

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