Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Psp "R" Button problem


My "R" button on my psp wont work, it's like stuck or something, when im playing a game like ape escape, the r button is to crouch and im always crouching cause of the r button.

  • You will have to open up your PSP to get to the contacts of the R button.
  1. REmove the battery
  2. Remove 4 screws from battery compartment
  3. Remove 1 screw from front edge under the PSP logo.
  4. Remove 2 screws from back on opposite side of battery.
  5. Lift the faceplate from the edge above the LCD slightly.
  6. Lift the front faceplate edge under the Home/Start button.
  7. You need to be very protective of the little screw hole that is under the PSP logo of the Faceplate..
  8. Do not touch the LCD screen if you can help it. If you do use a lint free cloth and windex glas cleaner to remove fingerprints and lint. Same thing for faceplate window.
  9. REmove the R button
  10. lift the rubber pad/frame behind the R button straight up.
  11. Clean the back of the rubber piece with a Q-tip and Rubbing alcohol.
  12. Clean the contact pad that is behind the rubber pad/frame.
  13. Press the rubber/fram piece back into place carefully.
  14. Put your R button back on.
  15. Be sure your LCD sreen and inside of faceplate window are clean.
  16. Refit the faceplate.
  17. Reinstall screws.
  • my psp had fallen of the table, and i had turned the psp on to see if it was okay, i was playing MPO and i found that my R button was pushed in...so i got on here to see for help, and i saw the comment for instructions on how to open the case and clean it out, i was about to do that, but luckly i kept reading, and saw comment number 7...i had done what he said, push the buttom up and down kinda hard, in a pattern, my R buttom worked normally again =D

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